Stan Marsh

Hi my name is Stan but you can also call me Aleks or Zoe!!!

I'm genderfluid (He/They pronouns please!)

I'm pansexual

Please do not follow me if:

You’re homophobic/transphobic/ableist

You are racist

You support pedophilia

You ship pedophilia or incest

More about me:I'm pretty nice and understanding. I love to make friends even though im not really good at it. I am incredibly shy but if i get to know you I'll probably end up really clingy and needy, I constantly need attention. I get waves of sadness a lot and might talk about suicide, if that ever happens I usually just vent about it and I feel better. I really like spooky and dark things, please tell me ghost stories! But I'm also a meme loving fuck so I shitpost a lot.


I am scared of spiders and dogs, so please tag those if you can



I'm honestly am Craig Tucker. If you kin with him please don't follow me. I'm perfectly fine with double tagging tho! Please tag me as him.


Bill Cipher

Makoto Tachibana

Scott Pilgrim


Shinji Ikari

Hastune Miku


Kageyama Tobio (haikyuu)

Harley Quinn (Batman)

Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

Please tag me as all of these!!

After you read this please message me saying "mama mia" and I'll let u follow me