Stanley R. Bauman

Stanley R. Bauman is a Democratic committeeman, former deputy city attorney, and an attorney from Bergen County, New Jersey:

The Bridgegate scandal has given Governor Chris Christie, a major case of heartburn and if one more revelation comes forth about Christie's behavior in office, that could be the end of his career as the head of the RGA and his entire political career. Republican activists are still actively supporting him so far, but that could change very, very quickly. Murray Waas has the scoop:

On the Sunday talk shows this past weekend, top Republicans insisted they still back Christie. Republican governors too are publicly pledging their support. But as one Republican source told me: “It’s not about who is saying that on the Sunday shows. It is about who is not, and who is not saying anything.” This person added: “Everything could change in a heartbeat. There are a lot of close races. There is a lot at stake. There comes a point when this is about governors other than Chris Christie.”

Indeed, several Republican fundraisers and strategists who have worked closely with the RGA, have told me that many of them are privately worried that Christie’s controversies are only going to get worse over time and he is going to harm the electoral chance of his fellow Republican governors. They fear, as one puts it, that the embattled Christie’s alignment with the RGA “will bring down the Republican party with him.”