Stanley Tseke

Speaker, Writer, and Sales Consultant in London, United Kingdom

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Hello, I’m Stanley, a Keynote Speaker at Omstan Limited, London, United Kingdom.

I focus on how mindset, welfare, and personality affect the performance of salespeople and business executives.

I help individuals and organizations increase their revenue by selling at their peak performance level consistently.

I grew up feeling shy in public because of the form of attention that I drew to myself from stammering. It was so severe that my primary school teachers had to exempt me from reading aloud in class. In private I happily took to selling various items to my mates.

Then one day I decided to have a dream to become a professional speaker – an ultimate dream of me having to help people worldwide through speaking.

Thanks to my many teachers and mentors over the years, I have now been able to see this dream become a reality. Through my speeches, seminars, books, audio and video recordings, I’m now privileged to help Salespeople, Executives, and Business Owners to consistently achieve outstanding sales result that reflects their peak performance level.

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