s t a n m c c o y

Raised by two amazing parents in an oddly stable home. I've been a church-going Baptist much of my life and I thank God for the many blessings I have including my wife and two daughters. - _ - I've been involved in Graphic Design since my 2nd year in college at Texas Tech. I began in engineering, but was "drawn" to the graphics world instead. At the same time that I started working in the real world, computer aided graphics were starting to gain a foothold in the industry for more than just typesetting. I started working on the Mac with programs like Photoshop 2, QuarkXpress 2, Freehand 3, Pagemill, Flash 1... and OS 7. I began specializing in web development and still enjoy that the most. I worked for VWK/Vaughn Wedeen Creative from 1991 to 2011,a dn now work for McKee Wallwork Cleveland. - _ - I'm also fortunate to also be involved in youth soccer as a coach and administrator, currently coach of NM Sting 96 and president of New Mexico Sting Soccer Club.