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HI im angelina and i really love kpop!! i love my cat more than i love myself and i dont even know what to write DNDNDN

ok so yeah i used to be @hoezomi which was close to 4,000 followers at one point but if ur wondering: NO! im not reopening it and im not giving u the username so if thats what u want u can leave

dont follow if:

youre just following me to spy or whatever like no! i never even post anything spyworthy ok whenever shit goes down i never post about it and i only post like kpop snd cats thanks

if you really despise kpop! i mean if u can handle seeing it whenever i post then sure but if u cant handle that i dont think u can handle following me?? sorry

dm me for my line/kik/anything i guess

I really only want mutuals following me but if u want to become mutuals just dm me! i spam but not as much as i used to bc im REALLY busy rn but i try man

um but i really like bts!! i also listen to seventeen, bigbang, mamamoo, exo, blackpink, vixx, kard, and more

my bias list js really fucked up but the one thing i know is namjoon is my ULT ULT ULT bias and he always will be i love him and i have for a whike now

1. namjoon

2. hoseok

3. seokjin

4. lisa

5. jeonghan

6. taeyang

7. hwasa


but anyways um some of my personal intrests besides kpop are:


eating (DNDNDN im not sure if thats an interest but yeah i love food a lot thanks)



my cat

idk i like singing along to songs sometimes even though i suck AT LEAST I HAVE FUN SINGING THATS ALL THAT MATTERS RIGHT

also just a disclaimer I SAY THANKS A LOT AND ME TOO ir gets annoying sometimes sorry

anyways thats it just dont follow if u follow neppy! aka @yousoro on ig thanks love u xoxo DONT FORGET TO DM BEFORE U REQ

**** I FIRGOT TO MENTION THIS but im gay so if ur homophobic im pretty sure u dont wanna follow ok cool thanks