Stan Young Drainage

"If you’re in need of commercial

or residential waterproofing and drainage services, contact Stan Young Drainage in

Independence, KY. Their experts are committed to offering the highest quality

services at the lowest prices available, so you never have to worry about springing

a leak again. Waterproofing your home is

about protecting your investment. It also helps you avoid costly repairs down

the road. The process is simple: the experts at Stan Young Drainage will come

to your property and seal all your walls using a watertight solution, apply tar

to repair any cracks or damages, and add other protective measures to ensure

your home is airtight. Their team of fully-licensed

professionals has seen it all, and is equipped to tackle a job of any size.

Whether you need a small amount of work done on your basement, or require more

serious structural repairs, Stan Young Drainage will have your property secure

in no time. They can also perform dehumidification and mold/mildew control

procedures, and provide home inspection services. Stan Young Drainage also

specializes in drainage system installation. Their staff has years of

experience working with every type of drainage system imaginable, for both

commercial and residential clients. They offer a host of affordable drainage

options, including sump pumps and pits, French drains, gutters, and more. To

learn more about waterproofing your home or business, call the experts at Stan Young Drainage today at (859) 816-5613 for a free estimate. You

can also visit them online

for an extensive list of services."

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