Thompson Parker

Wouldn't you want to find that which was going on?

Well, the same principle applies to your site, even though you aren't directly selling online.

After-all, what if the general cost-of your site is greater than its worth to your business? Until you are testing w...

Imagine if each week you place a paper order for you company? Pencils, paper, staples and the like. And what if when that paper order came you weekly were just delivered a huge number of what you had covered?

Would not you want to track down that which was happening?

Well, the same rule pertains to your site, even if you aren't directly selling online.

After-all, imagine if the overall cost of your website is greater than its value to your organization? Unless you are measuring what's happening, it could be that week after week, you are only being delivered 10% of the company that you're investing in.

But I'm maybe not online to create money, it is just for general model awareness

Certainly if you only have a brochure site or an information site, you don't need to bother about measuring? The site is just about letting people know you are there, right?


For what is the ultimate point of generating that recognition? There's still an action attached with it somewhere - be it a call, an invitation to offer, a sale a year down the line. To get another standpoint, we understand you check out: fundable. It is the main reason your company exists.

What-ever it is you want people to do once they have awareness of your organization. That is what you need to determine.

Testing lets you decide when the benefits you get from your website justify the cost you are spending. Because every internet site includes a charge, even though it is just in terms of time.

Measuring appears difficult

Measuring is all about ensuring that you are becoming successful outcomes that are worth more than you're paying for them. It'll show you as a result when the money you're paying for your marketing and website is making you richer or poorer.

Measuring does not have to be difficult and there are loads of resources out there. Internet analytics application, Excel spreadsheets, even just an old fashioned calculator will help. But instruments alone can not tell