Joyce Zimmerman

Have you ever develop a concept for an exciting new business? If you have or if you ever do, you are going to go through the ME TOO phenomenon that is the idea of competition.

What do I mean by ME TOO? Well they say that imitation is the kind of flattery. If you build something that's successful or something specifically that makes you a great deal of money, you'll find that others will take a look at your business and determine that if you can get it done, they can too. the unfortunate part is that they're right!

Perhaps you have heard of the serial entrepreneur who gets a company started, offers it and then begins another? The main reason they do this is not only about taking the gains and running away. They also understand that eventually you will have a great deal of competition in that market as everybody else watches the achievement and shouts 'ME TOO.' So it seems that the best way to make money with a small business is always to sell it and start it. Fundable Competition contains additional info concerning when to study it.

There's yet another way to combat ME TOOS. That's to innovate. As other folks obtain business started you get the competition going. The ME TOO has to start running right out from the field to participate. They might jump out of the door with lower costs or larger amounts, but when you lead the race they are kept running to get up.

In some instances the ME TOO gets tired of running and they will fundamentally just fall off across the street, if you remain in the lead. Learn more on our favorite related website - Navigate to this web site: per your request. In some cases they may keep the pace with you and have great energy. I've written before about understanding what it's that makes you distinctive from your competitors. Being a continuing head in your field might be that big difference.

The ME TOOS can drive you to be creative in your business, if nothing else. You will need to be creative to overcome things like color, size and price possibilities. You'll need to set the rate and run the race faster and better to keep your business going.

Here's a workout, If you have never done this before.

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