Steve Taplin

Consultant, Architect, and Director in Arizona

Steve Taplin, MBA is a C-Level Executive focused on the Real Estate, Mortgage, Technology and Franchising industries.

I focus on Fast Growth & Mid-Market Companies | Investments, Acquisitions, Turnarounds | Strategic Leadership & Management

I am a take charge C-Level Executive who quickly overcomes profit & growth challenges, leveraging entrepreneurial drive, formidable expertise in sales, marketing, IT, operations, general management & market acumen for success in companies. Charismatic lead-by-example executive who “rolls up my sleeves” to get the job done w/ impeccable P&L management to $100M and teams to 200.

Some key highlights of my career include:

• Built & led 4 companies – with impeccable P&L management to $100M & teams to 200

• Developed a national investment franchise across 13 states throughout the US that profited $4.1M in 3 years

• Drove $80M top line revenue, exceeding anticipated profit margins at IBM

• Success across multiple specialties/industries including: digital marketing, franchising, real estate, & technology

• Exceptionally well networked across multiple industries, sought-after speaker, presenter and guest expert on radio shows with 1,000,000+ listeners.

• Executed 2,673 real estate & lending transactions across 19 states with a total market value of $300M+.

Proven C-Level Competencies:

• Back-Office Systems Technology

• Global Market Growth | Expansion

• Strategic Orientation

• Pricing and Market Research

• Results Orientation

• Governance | Pre-IPO Expertise

• Risk Identification and Mitigation

• Operations Management

• KPI’s and Benchmarking

• Sales and Marketing ROI Tracking

• Forecasting and Financial Modelling

• Change Leadership

• Marketing and Lead Generation

• Multi-Million Dollar P&L

• Team Leadership and Development

• Offshore Operations Strategy

• Equity and Debt Financing

• Inside/Outside Sales Team Strategy

• Employee Accountability

• Contract Negotiations