leo! they/them

Artist in New Jersey

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hi im leo! im a polysexual agender and a minor.

my intrests! (if theres a 🌟it means this is important to me haha)

-gravity falls🌟

-steven universe🌟

-love live!



-normal boots and hidden block 🌟🌟

-pbg's hardcore series (i seperate this from nb and hb for no good reason)🌟


-super mario🌟


-animation in general🌟🌟

i also make alot of spelling errors. all the time. dont think anythings wrong im usually just typing fast and want to get my point across haha

if we become sorta close i can give you my skype, nnid, 3ds friend code, all that stuff.

dont follow me if you are homophobic, transphobic, sjw, ableist, factkin, or dont see me as any of my kins!

and now for the kinssss oh here we go.

yes, i have kins. i dont have too many but here they are.

but before we get to kins, i want to talk about my most important one,

🌌marx (kirby super star).

i can usually handle doubles, but i will not be able to of marx. if you think you're me, please block. not trying to be rude, but this one just means alot to me.

also if your magolor hmu because i loved him alot in my canon. ok now for the rest.

❓: ask to follow

⭕️: ok to follow

❌: dont follow


💚peridot (steven universe)⭕️ (there are many other peridot gems out there, so i can accept that there is more than one of me.)

🎤eli ayase (love live!)❓

🔥hekapoo (star vs the forces of evil)❌

main kins:

🌸peach (super mario)⭕️

❣red sea wadanohara (watgbs)❌

🔹reverse pines! mabel (reverse falls)❓

🍒octoling (splatoon)⭕️

👿veronica sawyer (heathers the musical)⭕️


🤖susie (kirby planet robobot)❓

🔮homura akemi (madoka magica)⭕️

🎩isabelle (animal crossing)⭕️

major comforts (pls follow if you're anyone of these characters!) (again 🌟 means important to me)

-riko sakurauchi (love live! sunshine!!)🌟

-magolor (kirby)🌟

anyone in muse or aqours (found honoka, nozomi, maki, and you already, sorry!)

-peanutbuttergamer & spacehamster (dont follow me if you're factkin with either one of them,, actually block me haha)🌟

-ice bear (we bare bears)

-moana (moana

-star butterfly (svtfoe)

-fukami (wadanohara)🌟

thats about it! please either dm a picture of one of my comforts or the phrase dancing waters