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Hey! My name is Arlie/Kairi. Feel free to call me by any of my kin names! I am a [Filthy Kinnie] with an OSDD system. I am also taken as of the 5th of June 2019. I have put a list of kins below that you may want to look at. And afterwards you should read the byf and send the {Password}. Thank you!

Me in the flesh:
☄Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)☄(doubles are okay and will be smooched on sight)

💔Aya Asagiri (Mahou Shojou Site)💔 (No doubles plz!)

💖Madoka Kaname (Madoka Magica)💖 (Doubles will get cake and beverage of choice!)

Ids (Doubles not okay):
❤Frisk (Undertale)❤
✴Allen Walker (D. Gray-Man)✴
🌸Satou Matsuzaka (Happy Sugar Life)🌸

Selfhood (Doubles iffy):

🎤Alice Angel (Doubles are smooched on sight!! 🖤🖤)

👣Noah Maxwell (TribeTwelve)👣

Synpath Kins (Doubles smooched on sight):
Eliza Hamilton (Hamilton: Broadway Musical)

Please DO NOT follow if:

- If you kin/have a fictive of Kaname Asagiri.

- You are lgbtqia+ phobic. Invalidating someones sexuality and gender is a phobic thing to do. So get out if you invalidate.

- Are a/support MAPS/Pedosexual

- Are a TERF or Truscum. I'll allow trumeds if they are willing to tolerate my bullshit

- Are just here to harass me.

Ask to follow if:

- You kin/have a fictive of Homura Akemi

- You know me irl and stumbled across this account

- You know a person named Hyo/Zeni/Ly

Please do follow if:

- You wanna be friends!

- You support OSDD

- If you like talking about witchcraft, writing, just any general conversational things

- If you like (jazz) memes!

- You enjoy Slenderverse

The pass is:

The video for "Jump in The Caac"


Your favorite Slenderverse meme


Your favorite Welcome To Night Vale meme

Yes, regular memes are different from WTNV memes.

Huh? They aren't? Who let you in here?

Anyways, keep it left.