Starbot Inc

Miami, FL

Starbot has been serving the youth of Miami Dade County and its surrounding communities for over 20 years.

Starbot Technologies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students reach their full potential through engineering and robotics. Our main goal is to give young people the opportunity, education, experience and confidence needed to help them pursue a rewarding career in science, engineering and technology. We believe in the importance of cultivating fertile young minds to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Starbot provides educational tools to increase the knowledge base of the students. These students are brought together with scientists and engineers from local businesses and universities who mentor and assist them in the development of their talents and skills. They work together to prepare students to compete in local and national engineering contests and make education and career choices that will positively impact them and their local and global community. The high level of thought, execution and teamwork necessary to compete helps students develop intellectually, academically and socially.

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