Jeffrey Berger


I believe the hardest subject to talk about is oneself. In an effort to introduce myself, I will discuss some of the finer points of my unique history.
My work history cannot be placed in a box or derived from a sterile environment.
• I was a U.S. Army combat Soldier.
• I held the position of Assistant Store Manager for what was then America’s #1 furniture chain
• Business Manager for a private owner.
• I went to work for an American company that operated in the Middle East from 2004-2010.
• I saw a need the Outside the Continental U. S. (OCONUS) Administration Specialist which I requested and was promoted.
• I put in for a security clearance and received a SECRET clearance.
• I went back to fielding to get into Management which began with being the Team Lead to Saudi Arabia
• I was then promoted to Site Lead for our Kandahar, Afghanistan facility.
• I was doing my studies going from an Associate’s degree on up to completing my Master’s degree in July 2010.
• That company lost its contract to another which hired me as a Fielder.
• My first test was being made a Team Lead on a fielding to Sharana, Afghanistan
• Which is still to date the largest fielding ever conducted by this company.
• I took over as an Operations Manager over the four facilities in theater.
• I created a Training program and a Safety program.
• Since, I took on this mission we have experienced the safest two years this company has seen.
I realized how important it is to have a safety net. A business, if the right decisions were made, would not only help me but, helps my employees and the community. I opened my first of two gas stations overseas on March 3, 2006. I followed this by opening two convenience stores, two restaurant/bars, and two motorcycle repair shops in different towns. I researched the laws pertaining to this undertaking prior to any action and made a business plan for the whole operation. I hired an Attorney to provide all legal documents and to file the businesses under my name.
At work, I like to help employees with personal growth. I help them by getting employees enrolled in training courses such as container management, forklift licenses, lorry licenses, and CPR classes. I continually address the need to enhance your resume because the career avenue we work in is unstable. On employee evaluations, I address personal growth. I

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