clover ☔

hi ! you can call me clover or any of my kin names. i am pansexual / panromantic (i think) and my pronouns are they / them. i am an aquarius born on january 21st. my personality type is INTJ-T. i am a chaotic neutral. i play the piano and the uke, i also enjoy reading and writing a lot. i live in new zealand.

main kins :

☁ castiel - (supernatural)

🌱 sherlock - (sherlock bbc)

💧 haruka - (free!)

🍃 draco malfoy - (harry potter)

kins :

frisk - (undertale)

lion / rosequartz - (steven universe)

marceline / marshall lee - (adventure time)

joshua washington - (until dawn)

deckard - (bee and puppycat)