Galaxy Roleplayer

Starburst galaxy

Galaxy Roleplayer

Starburst galaxy

How to join :

— follow the base and put starburstrp on your bio and not on location!

— check our favourite for the available of your chara

— If your chara is avail, mention us your name ; line ; your group

Rules :

— One acc per soul. No one wants to talk to theirself, right?

— Since this is an intl agency, use english to communicate with the others. If you want to speak with your mother-language use brackets () ; {} ; []

— Keep the timeline under 18 , or we`ll unverify you!

— If you dont active for 3 days, we`ll give you a warning. If you dont active for 7 days, we`ll unverify you. Please be active!

— You may have more than one agency here

— Yaoi allowed, but limited!

— You may have an interaction or even a relationship with outsiders, cause we`re an open agency!

— Be friendly with the others!