Star / Wirt / Vella

Star / Wirt / Vella

Hey hi, here's stuff about me!

I'm 13 (though I'm fairly mature for my age), I literally don't care about gender (she/they, please), an INFP and an aries

I like to draw really bad art, listen to music, watch cartoons and do other boring stuff. My blog is a lot of those two things plus reblogs and aesthetic and all of my shitty fanart.

(most of my) IDs- Star Butterfly, Wirt (OTGW), Clemtine (Walking Dead Game), Vella Tartine (Broken Age) Toriel (Undertale), 12/Reggie (Twelve Forever), Alphys (Undertale), Bee (Bee + Puppycat), Pacifica Pines (Reverse Falls AU), Stevonnie (Steven Universe) Dipper Pines, Sock (Welcome to Hell), IDA (Monument Valley), Shock (The Nightmare Before Christmas) + Lucy (The Peanuts)

You can call me by any of those names, or livy/livie

Interests: hiking, stargazing, phycolgy, animation, art, theatre, Welcome to Night Vale, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Melanie Martinez, Lorde, Broken Age, Undertale, Monument Valley, Studio Ghibli, Baman Piderman, Jazzpunk, Hasley, axolotls, photography, interior design, the X Files, Star-Crossed, Disney, Lumberjanes....a ton of other stuff

If you could tag Pinescone (the ship, Dipper X Wirt) and any kind of....strong opinions on problematic things, I guess as #star don't look that would be v nice!

Tag me in: stuff involving my IDs, stuff with my interests, deserts, forest/mountain landscapes, stars, ghost-y stuff and good music or anything that makes you think of me!

Cover art is by @torifalls/@torijingles on tumblr

That you sm for reading and have an amazing day!! you're great!!