lanie (@dippersdiscogirl)

hello, my name is lanie and I run an instagram account named dippersdiscogirl.


I am a 15 year old female. I'm straight, cis, and white. (I don't bite!) I have 7 siblings. I live in florida but alas I am very pale. my parents are divorced and I live with my mother, even though my dad is my hero. I just get more freedom at my mother's house :^). if you want to read more about me a link to my recent 20 facts about the admin will be right here:


all my main social medias are linked down below.


I get a lot of hate for doing what I love most - obsessing over my favorite shows! [ please click this link, read it, then come back to this page: ] I do make mistakes because I'm human. I have messed up in the past. I know I can't fix what I've done. if you have a problem with something I do please dm me and we can work it out. I promise. if you just really dislike me then just unfollow me. that's all. it's not that hard. it will just make me feel a lot better. please. all I want is to stop the hate and keep this account great and be with you amazing people forever and ever. thank you. (oh, and don't follow me if you get butthurt easily. that isn't meant to sound rude but I express my opinion on my account A LOT)


(cover art by @relatablepicturesofmabel on instagram)

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