Star Chapter

The Austin chapter of the Global Business Travel Association wanted to get more members involved and offer them the opportunity to make an impact. The key was delivering year-round and event follow-up communications using StarChapter.

StarChapter pretty much became a one-stop-shop for us to communicate with our members. For a few years we have struggled with how to effectively communicate with our members outside of our monthly meetings. But with the addition of StarChapter, we are now able to effectively utilize the many areas of the website and functions of communications to support our goals. “

—John Hampton, President, GBTA Austin Texas chapter

Challenges, Solutions & Results

The Austin chapter of GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) wanted to be more organized and to communicate more effectively with their members. By having a tool such as StarChapter, it allowed the board to build a website with conformity and precise information on GBTA and design newsletters and emails to send out to members to keep them informed.

Getting more members involved in managing the chapter was made possible using the built-in features of StarChapter. For example, after each meeting the board provides a survey to members via their StarChapter website. They always ask for suggestions on what other meeting topics or ideas they would like to have.

Advice from the Board

Listen to your members. Though this is not a secret, I feel it is important to make sure all members feel that they have a hand in the direction our chapter is heading. The more personalized feeling that they get the more likely they will get more involved.