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They Don’t Send Timely Messages and Reminders

This mistake can go unnoticed because chapter leaders seldom have the ability to tell when problems arise. Emails may be going out to all members, but they may often go to old or invalid email addresses, or end up in spam folders. Sending too many messages may cause members to ignore messages, but sending out too few risks neglecting members and depleting activity rates. While the level of communication may vary based on your association, all thriving associations have timely, highly targeted messages and reminders that keep members informed of chapter activities.

What Messages Should We Send, And When Should We Send Them?

Be careful that your messages are well-targeted and timely. Mass emails should include information that is relevant to the masses, but should avoid topics or issues that do not pertain to the whole group. Too many emails that are intended for other people can frustrate members and cause them to ‘tune out’ of future emails.

Local Associations Should Send Mass Emails for:

• Event invitations and reminders

• Post event surveys

• Announcements

• Newsletters

• Dues reminders (30, 60, or 90 days out or expired)

• New member welcome messages

StarChapter’s Solution

Maintain lists and sub-divisions within those lists so that emails can be easily delivered to the proper recipients. It’s best to use a system that allows you to have all of the member contacts and non-member contacts properly segmented so that they receive only the messages and emails that pertain to them.

The result will be that more messages will get through to your target members, and they will be read, and members will respond to your excellent communication.