Stareon Group

This is the time of golden period of garment industry in the world. In the mean time another period has running, that is cheating. Fake order, shipment cancel, fake L/C etc are the main reasons of cheating. Some buying house cheat with buyer. Some buyers are cheating by giving fake order. Shipment has been canceling without any reason. As a result of that cancellation, many garment industry has stopped & doomed.

In this critical situation Stareon Group has established in 1st January, 2010 with some fixed target & motto. Stareon Group is a combination of fashion, knitwear, woven, screen printing, embroidery, apparel accessories, textile, fabric, transport, c&f, design, food, pharmaceutical, herbal, communication, technology, beverage industry. The group started its journey with a clear vision of establishing itself as the largest apparel manufacturing & buying industry in the world and today with continuous effort to grow in this sector rapidly.

Everyone in this group worked hard with delegation of authority, true leadership of the management and developed Stareon Group as a successful organization that now ready to move forward with more enthusiasm and better preparation to achieve large targets in this challenging & changing environment of the global marketplace.

With three mottos, cost effective production-honesty-quality, Stareon Group believes in the wisdom of looking not just around the corner but over the horizon. From the birth of the group it always dedication to quality, commitment to excellence, adoption of state-of-the-art technology and keen focus on customer's satisfaction.