Star Harbor Trading

exporter in Shanghai, China

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Star Harbor is China based merchant exporter and supplier, product development and sourcing center. We focus our efforts towards sourcing some of the best products across China and also export these products to other countries.

Present markets – South East Asia and African Countries.

Star Harbor is a specialized international trading business company that has been focusing on the import and export business. We also co-ordinate our efforts with a skilled talent pool of business professionals who are proficient in dealing with the business of import and export in sectors such as solar powered products, LED products, construction materials, home furnishing, kitchen cookware, home appliances, electronics, apparel and so forth. Owing to our continuous and dynamic business growth every year, the company is well on its way to become one of the most established export companies in China.

Adding to our advantage, we have developed a special relationship with some of the best manufacturing companies, which helps us in providing our clients with a greater value. We strive to take special care of our clients' needs and believe in maintaining a constant heartfelt bond with them.

Providing quality services to our client base is a fundamental policy at Star Harbor Trading and we make sure we succeed in exceeding expectations time and again.