Opus Clinic Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Medicine in Lanaken, Belgium

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OPUS CLINIC International Premium plastic surgery

OPUS CLINIC is a global aesthetic plastic surgery provider based in Belgium. We are continuously in search of the best scientific based solutions for vital ageing and plastic surgery protocols and comprised of a network of super specialists in their fields.

” We handpick our surgeons “

All Opus cosmetic doctors and surgeons should be able to listen to our clients needs and inform them honestly about possible aesthetic expectations. We do place emphasis on excellent communication throughout the whole process of counselling of procedures. Strict adherence to bedside manners in and out our surgical suites and postoperative care. A 24/7 hour availability to our clients is very much essential. we do monitor surgeons performance according to an ISO 9002 system. Staying up to date and continuously learning.

Trust and Experience do count

Process-oriented - using proven surgical processes that are known to create predictable clinical outcomes. Sometimes, small changes in operative techniques can significantly improve surgical results in a specialized field is necessary, to serve our client best.

Our sterile Operating Rooms adhere to the highest standards in the world.

“ High client satisfaction and lowest complication rates are our ultimate goals ”