United States

I am a Miniature Golden-Doodle. I was born on July 15, 2013, and I live with my humans, France and Francine.

Francine is a RN specializing in Labor and Delivery and she works with a travel nursing agency so I get to travel pretty extensively. France is retired and I take him to visit dog parks while Francine is working. He enjoys throwing a ball, so I go get it for him and bring it back so he can through it again. He sures enjoys that. When he gets tired of that, I take my ball to the pond and entertain myself while he takes some pictures.

When we finish exploring the dog parks, I make some notes that I share so you will know where the fun parks are. Hopefully you will share your notes too and we can build a base for travlers like me.

When Francine isn't working, we all explore the areas together and we will share those adventures too. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!