Starlene Breiter PAC, RMT

Astrologer, Reiki Teacher, and Tarot Consultant in the United States

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Welcome to my portal of where you can find me online! Basically this page is like an online business card, click the links below to find me online.

I am a Vibrational Astrologer, own a Metaphysical Gemstone Shop, Teach Reiki, Jewelry Designer, Artist, Candle Creator, Tarot reader --- and I dig just about anything that is unusual, interesting or unique. With 4 planets and my mid-heaven in Aquarius ~ I just can't help myself..

I also write a weekly energy report called the Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report. The Astro Tapestry Report is a daily report of the energies for the week. I also give gemstone suggestion to work with that connect that energy so it is quite interesting and useful to read click here to read each day.I often like to mix things that I do together, so you might find some astrological candles or jewelry for sale in my shop. - I really never know what my mind might come up with next. - I just let Spirit move me! Vibrational Astrology is an evidence-based form of astrology taught by David Cochrane. I have graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology. I continue to study astrology in various forms and techniques because it truly is my passion.

Feel free to visit my websites, connect with me on social media or contact me if you have questions.

Namaste, Starlene

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