Trust matters. In business. In government. In civic life. In our relationships.

Yet a seemingly endless series of recent polls echoes our own personal experience and offers evidence of a broad loss of faith in the institutions that form the core of our society.

Fortunately, innovative entrepreneurs are creating new technologies and pioneering new business models that require and create new means of establishing and extending trust.

At Starling, we're working with many of these visionary leaders, re-imagining trust and developing tech-enabled means of restoring it to our daily experience.

Peer-to-peer and sharing economy businesses. Crowdfunding and crypto-currency platforms. Mobile payments companies and specialty online retailers.

Trust is at the core of the many promising young enterprises in these spaces.

We're helping these businesses to cultivate communities of common character, linked by bonds of shared trust that permit new forms of collaboration and collective action.

Our learnings extend to mature businesses, government, and civic bodies as well - and the tools we're building will help to restore vitality to our stagnant social institutions.

Join us in creating the future.