Seetara Matai

I am what one would call "jolly". The spectral anomalies we see today as the stars and planets and everything in space fascinate me because I consider myself a spectral anomaly of sorts.

And by that, I mean to say that you can simply call me "Star"; or "Jolly Star". Whichever floats your boat.

Art is my passion and my mind is unlike any you have ever known. I type that with the utmost confidence because I have never met anyone else like me. I am:





Writing will forever be a life skill for me as well as an emotional outlet. The same goes for any art form- photography, music, drawing etc.

The Bhagavad Gita and Tao Te Ching are the two most important books I have ever read. If I was Neo, they would be my red pills. Dare to ask me about my life and knowledge and I will not disappoint.

Being open-minded is my life talent. What's the point in being angry? What's anger?

Lastly, I'm very happy you've read all this but I must claim one very ironically important thing about myself:

I AM NOT THAT IMPORTANT. To me I am, to you...I'm just another face in the crowd. Not that you'll be able to see me anyways; I'm 5'1.

Cool Facts:

My background picture is one by my favorite artist James Jean. Check him out.

My name means Shining Star in Hindi

I am incredibly short and barely above the height limit for a car seat.

Hinduism is the religion, knowledge is the faith

Music is beautiful. Share with me every kind of genre there is because I will love it

The purpose to my life is being happy

I love having a large workload because it's fun showing everyone that you can still accomplish many things with a smile on your face.

My vision is bad but yes, I can clearly see the three fingers you're holding up.

Apathy is a beautiful thing.

I love sushi.

Actually I just love food in general.

Nerd about Miyazaki movies

Video games are a must for fun

I am a grammar Nazi