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ok um hi im susan u may call me that or Yuri (my alias that i dont really use lOL). im currently 13 years old n im really short irl (u can make fun of my height lMao). so uhh yeah my current main interests are Love Live!, Ensemble Stars (mainly enstars), High School Star Musical, yaoi in general!! I also love art but i dont really post my drawings often. Also im really easy to approach and will most likely follow back if you try to talk to me or smth, or judging from ur acc, u seem p chill.

Don't follow if any of this stuff applies to you:•you know me irl (unless ur my really rEALLY close friend) bc otherwise i'll give u the blocc 😍😍•ur homophobic•u get triggered or offended easily•ur a hardcore mikanoa/yuunoa/mikakrul/yuukrul shipper

I dont have any kins but i would love it if u tagged me as shinobu sengoku (enstars) or any of my waifus

Oh and also if u wanna chat or smth feel free to DM me but im really bad at conversating so i might just stop typing if i dont what to say or type dbjdcnkebd as an excuse unless u continue riprip

P.S. if im on private it most likely means i feel anxious or somethings bothering me so i probably wont accept u right away unless i was already following u