Jordan Gray

Technology Leader in San Francisco, California

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Jordan Gray has done UX prototyping and mobile/web development for Fortune 500 including Walmart, AT&T, Wells Fargo, PepsiCo, Intel, and Sports Illustrated.

In 2009 Jordan founded CODAME, bringing his experience design practice to the world of ART+TECH. The not-for profit organization has built over 60 projects and showcased more than 200 artists through inspiring events filled with interactive installations.

Jordan's primary passions outside of technology are hiking, cycling, and Dayan Qigong. DYQG is a form of moving meditation which he instructs with certification from Wen Wu School.

Using the staRpauSe alias, Jordan releases his photography, music & video art under the Creative Commons. His work has been featured in New York Times, Vice, Engadget and many more.