Starr Ramson, ND

San Diego, California, United States

Dr. Ramson earned her doctorate from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut, where she graduated summa cum laude, at the top of her class. She first discovered her passion for nutritional biochemistry as a student of advanced nutrition and human metabolism at the University of Vermont. In medical school, she was inspired by the human body’s inherent ability to respond to disturbances of all kinds. From micronutrient deficiencies to stealth infections or emotional traumas, the stressors imposed on the body inspire action in the biochemical, structural and cognitive levels. Symptoms therefore, are empowering clues about the stressors and evidence of the inherent tendency of the human body to adapt. Dr. Ramson’s decade of dedicated study of human pathology guides her knowledge and skill in diagnosis but she recognizes that identifying organ, genetic and biochemical lesions is not the sole means of generating cure. Dr. Ramson is fascinated by the behavior that emerges from the individual parts of the human body. This biological activity cannot be explained by studying the parts in isolation and to her, represents the inherent healing potential of the human organism. Vitality is an expression of the continuous pursuit of equilibrium and balance, a concept that is equally biological and spiritual in nature and is shared by all forms of life. Dr. Ramson takes a comprehensive history and maps your story in a way that allows her to identify the current stressors and so that like peeling an onion, you can begin to remove the obstacles to cure. As you eliminate the things that do not serve you and provide the raw materials required for regeneration, your body, like all complex adaptive systems will re-organize so that you can shine as your highest self in the present moment.

  • Work
    • Naturopathic Doctor at Nourish
  • Education
    • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine