Starrene Rhett Rocque

Author | Journalist | Digital Content Producer in NYC

I'm a zany recovering journalist who sometimes aspires to be a shotgun toting B-Movie heroine.

I have worked as either an editor or contributor to various publications including, VIBE, MTV Iggy; XXL,EBONY, Jet, BET, and more.

I have also been burned out at many of these places. Media is a brutal unstable business that can drive the sanest among us crazy. As a result of the many negative experiences I've had in my career beginning to outweigh my passion for journalism, I began writing my forthcoming novel, "Bloggers Can't Be Trusted."

What started out as journaling with the intent of making fun of what was actually burning me out and driving me to therapy (mainly being abused by and constantly struggling with the crazy narcissists and sometimes borderline sociopaths who were unfortunately everywhere) turned into a full on book.

Stay tuned for that in February 2016 and check for updates about the novel.

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