Starry Chorus

Starry Chorus welcomes you.

You're on this page because you want to know more right?
Hmm.. I'm sure I'm right! Hehe.

Now.. What is Starry Chorus?
Starry Chorus is a group made of females and males,
who sing Vocaloid/anime songs.
Right now, the permanent members aren't chosen yet.
But when they're chosen, you'll find them in a list below!

Some history..
The first time Starry Chorus was made, was in 2011.
Unfortunately, Starry Chorus died a few weeks after that,
without finishing a group cover.

Now, the chorus will be re-opened. This happened on, 9th May 2013.
The chorus leader planned on doing her best more and try to make a really good group, full of beautiful voices.
She'll try to encourage everyone to watch the videos.
The leader will try to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

I want to join..
We're truly sorry, but the auditions for this chorus are officially closed. What we can do is let you join for once or twice. (maybe more times, but no permanent)

If you are an animator or an artist, you're always welcome!
The only thing you have to do is PM StarryChorus on Youtube!

More questions?
Don't be shy! Go ahead and ask.