Star Scapes

Reno, NV

The creator of one of the world’s most innovative concepts in interior design and illusionary art, StarScapes has brought breathtaking cosmic displays into homes in America and beyond since 1979. Under the leadership of founder and Managing Agent Joe Petrashek, StarScapes has turned thousands of bedrooms into planetariums that can accurately reflect the night sky as seen on a person’s birthday, marriage, or other special occasion. StarScapes employs proprietary technology to create breathtaking cosmic displays on most types of ceilings and walls. Furthermore, StarScapes’ extensive global network of artist-illusionists can reproduce any type of galactic image in a short amount of time, from a virtual night skylight to a comprehensive map of the stars.

Invisible during the day and spectacular at night, a full canopy of the universe is only a light switch away in a StarScapes room. Some of the more popular StarScapes themes include the Room Expansion Fantasy, the Lost in Space Fantasy, the Battle in Space Fantasy, and the Fairyland Fantasy. StarScapes has found its way into numerous boutique hotels and resorts eager to offer their guests an unforgettable stay with the stars overhead. Indeed, StarScapes scenes appear in select cruise ship cabins, fine spas, and such major hotel chains as Best Western, Comfort Inn, Super 8 Hotels, and La Quinta Inns & Suites.

Based in Nevada, Joe Petrashek leads StarScapes in giving back to a variety of worthy organizations that benefit culture and society. Among these, Joe Petrashek and StarScapes contribute to Kiva, which finances entrepreneurs in the developing world. Petrashek also supports Rotary International as a member.