Hiya, there! I'm Bethany, an abrosexaul Italian-American teenage fangirl. You can call me Beth, Merrik, or even Starscream :3. I'm proud to be a coward! XD

I don't mind what pronouns, but I'd prefer she/he. ^.^

You could catch me rambling here and there, don't mind me. c:

Okay, enough with that. I have many interests ranging from drawing and animating to knitting and sewing. I take part in 5 (I'm pretty sure) fandoms; them being Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Transformers (all of them cx), Welcome to Hell, and We Bare Bears.

I'm kin with many characters, but I don't want to say them all just yet. So here's a few:

-Starscream (Transformers); I relate to him so much oh my God. I shouldn't even call him my kin. I am Starscream. cx

-Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls); I'm an all around bubbly person whenever and serious when I have to be.

-Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls); I absolutely love mysteries, and I'm that awkward derp.

-Soundwave (TF); Hello, nice to meet you. I'm that silent creep sitting in the corner.

-Mephistopheles (Welcome to Hell); I am the devil.

-Ice Bear (We Bare Bears); Being quiet is fun.

-Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe); I admit it, I'm an emotional tsunami.

-Unicron (TF); Yes Unicron, I am the devil after all >:3

-Blitzwing (TF); I am Random, Random is me.

Good day! c:

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