Inspector Hal Zeppeli???

Sad Scientist in Hell, Michigan

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Hi there! I'm Maya, but you can call me any of the names in the headline (0nly call me Maya if you've known me before I got my new Twitter). Autistic, mentally ill, pansexual/romantic, Jewish, cis girl (maybe?), 17, Google docs fanatic. I love science in general, bugs, theatre, crossovers, video games, and anime/manga. I'm HIGHLY obsessive, a wannabe goth, and I really want a PC.

Professionally DXed: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder. Suspected: ADHD tendencies, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder.

I've also got pretty bad trust and abandonment issues due to past experiences, so PLEASE don't block or softblock me if you want to break mutuals or you want me to not follow; DM me instead and I'll unfollow.


Don't follow me if you follow or interact with @nagisaakabane, @official_shiro, @karmashiota, @jougasakisubaru, or @imainaru (Bold/italic is most important), feel free to ask me why

I'm unlikely to follow people with over 100 followers, AssClass IDs, JJBA IDs, or who go by the name Leo because of paranoia stuff, sorry!

Please tag stalking (including mentions, especially jokes), major food disappointment (dropping food, etc, it makes me super uncomfortable), mentions of Israel, Homestuck hate, blocking jokes, and mentions of or retweets from people with the same IDs as me (the characters in the headline except Lavos).

I'm dating this nerd irl!

Chaotic neutral ✡ Capricorn ✡ ENTP ✡ Nen Manipulator ✡ Gryffindor ✡ Power of Fixating Eyes ✡ Decepticon ✡ Fire/Dark type ✡ Izzet (Grixis on a bad day) ✡ Witch of Heart ✡ pH-manipulation mutation ✡ Brotherhood of Steel (Mojave branch) ✡ Stand: Supertramp ✡ Fraggle

Here's my kin/ID list!

CURRENT SPECIAL INTERESTS: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, Kagerou Project, Metal Gear Solid, Les Misérables, Transformers IDW, Durarara!!, Heroes, Chrono Trigger || Biology, musical theatre, autism advocacy.

CURRENT BIG FANDOMS (not including special interests): Homestuck, Fallout, Sailor Moon, Fraggle Rock, The X-Files, Bioshock, Bravely Default, Osomatsu-san, Undertale, RWBY, Tokyo Ghoul.