Starsky Robinson

Owner of Star+Sky Digital, LLC a Digital Marketing and Social Media Consulting Agency

Starsky Robinson is a seasoned Digital / Global Social Media Marketing professional who specializes in building global online brand awareness, engagement as well as measuring tangible ROI across all online campaigns.
Mr. Robinson is the founder of Star+Sky Digital, LLC a Digital Marketing and Social Media Consulting Agency. Star+Sky Digital, LLC uses a multi-platform approach, which includes a variety of mediums such as gaming, web, and mobile campaigns. We are experienced in integrating live activities and events with new media channels.

Mr. Robinson currently devotes his unique skills to building his clients online brand awareness. Starsky believes that the world is evolving beyond traditional marketing and Public Relations tactics to interactive social media marketing. The evolution is heavily reliant on digital word of mouth (D.W.O.M.) which results an invaluable viral buzz.

Mr. Robinson has a work history that includes Brand Jordan (a division of Nike Inc.), social media for celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley, THQ Inc. global video gaming company including Biggest Loser, Marvel Super Hero Squad, Red Faction, You Don't Know Jack, Costume Quest the video games, not to mention clients Beats by Dre, Boar's Head Provision Company.

Mr. Robinson has mastered the art of harnessing online engagement and global brand awareness. Starsky has successfully increased point of sale and created positive sentiment for many online campaigns.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Starsky J. Robinson is a graduate of SUNY Albany, with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Marketing.