Mike Wallace

Currently of South Portland, ME - Hometown is Bowling Green, KY - Experienced father of three child adventurers (and in the orbit of two more) - Veteran parent of the D.C. foster care system (there by ntroduced to my oldest two) - My youngest is brand new, born on Jan 30. My birthday is April 7

Developing FreedomApp.org - Writing a book - Vice Chair with Responsive Community Resources Inc., a non-profit in Portsmouth, NH.

Former member of the US Air Force. Serviced communications for Air Force One at Andrews Air Force, MD under two different Presidents from 2000 to 2001. While in the D.C. area I also worked for two years inside the U.S. Dept. of State as an IT contractor.

Recently after returning to Kentucky I worked to help US Senator Rand Paul in his 2010 primary election victory. I am a political activist and I tend to think deeply and about a year ahead of prevailing trends.

Most recently, I collaborated and wrote the introduction for the book 'Discovering Possibility' by Kevin Kervick. Preview available here: http://bit.ly/lDPmsH

For a handful of years I have visited a psychic once a year. Many things have been foreseen.