Sang Jun, Yoo is a new media artist based in New York City. Born in 1982 in Seoul, South Korea. In search of artistic forms in conceptual ideas and self-consciousness that transcends genres and dimension of design and art by referencing technological media.

Sang Jun engages visible and invisible matters and subconscious interactivity in between people and their surroundings, such as dialogues in loss of a certain way of seeing, of a way of making apparentness, and of a particular feeling created by a coincidental approach.

Sang Jun's artworks are basically about amplifying the human relationships in everyday phenomenas, helping viewers to locate themselves in between Natural and Artificial Spaces. The goal is to translate this relationship into an experience by inviting people to find a consciousness through their own reflections: a path to new perspective between natural and artificial spaces by passing through superficial layers of apparentness and traveling through surfaces.