7 Reasons I should be EIR at a Start-up Accelerator

1. I have done start-ups before & won global accolades for my work in technology http://goo.gl/ZDTRq

2. Accelerators need start-up mentors, I can help http://justpaste.it/kgz

3. I have failed before / made mistakes that start-ups can learn from

4. Start-ups need help with product conceptualization, UI/UX & usability. I am good at this, my portfolio http://goo.gl/FOKvC

5. I have attended / been associated with accelerator programs www.startupreykjavik.com

6. Start-ups need customers. I am good at user aquisition and can help http://goo.gl/Gd5Mj

7. I love helping start-ups. My present venture & blog says it all www.startupville.in