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STARTWO is a group created by Sara Ferreira & Gisela Martins, Portuguese artists dedicated to comics, illustrations and other creative media.


A mischievous fox born and raised in a sunny side country called Portugal. From a young age her attention was completely captured by anime but it would be years until she would have all her consumerist dreams come true so instead she drew and drew, striving always to become better at the one thing she was good at.
Other foxes didn’t exactly grasped her tastes, thought she was too obsessed especially with pretty boys (whatever that meant) and it was only much, much later that she had the luck to meet another misfit animal, a Portuguese cat who shared her likes for anime, manga and pretty... desserts.


A savant cat born to show that curiosity doesn’t get kitties in trouble, it helps them become closer to their goals.That curiosity might have however discouraged others from approaching her, as she would prefer to bury her nose into books, watch anime and read manga than to get pictures taken as it has become so popular among cats these days (this cat in fact, hates being photographed).
She grew up to become a well rounded illustrator, concept designer and junior 3D artist. Her curiosity ever growing has made her recently step into web and application design and her one true love for japanese manga has found a rival in her ever growing love for korean manhwa. The one putting up and joining her passionate discussions about each style’s fortes is another misfit animal, a fox who now claims gimbap is just as tasty as sushi.

Both born and raised in Portugal, the dynamic duo has been working together under the name Shoot to Kill (STK) from 2005 to 2014 and been involved with projects for events as workshop teachers, television, illustration, published works and also working with both national and international publishers. Currently they both work together as freelance artists, daring to cross boundaries and incorporate whatever they can learn in their works.
The fox known as Gi still loves her pretty boys but there is so much more out there to explore and the cat known as Sara still keeps feeding on data and enjoying her cat-existence including the 9 lives to fill up with wisdom and new experiences that art -above all, can bring her.

And of course there’s more, but for that just keep an eye on us!

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