Illustration, Concept Art, and Comics in Portugal


Illustration, Concept Art, and Comics in Portugal

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“In this ocean of stars we found each other, and that’s why we are StarTwo”

There are billions of us in this planet, each individual shining with its own character, thoughts and ideas thus becoming a star. We are all stars in a vast universe, trying to figure things out and put our light out there.

For us, despite being completely different we were able to connect over values and interests and share who we are artistically with one another.
Ever since, these two stars want to share with all of you what they can accomplish together.


StarTwo is a creative duo created by Sara Ferreira and Gisela Martins, two Portuguese gals who love to concept and draw. Our areas of expertise include Illustration, Concept Art, Storyboarding, Comics/Manga and we also give Workshops.

We’re always deeply focused on making our creations feel alive and sometimes mysterious and reflect our emotions, and sense of humour.
Because we’re two, we offer two different perspectives to our work and that is one of the secrets of what we do.
Check out for an extensive list of what we’ve worked on but always check here to see what we’re working on right now!

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