Starwards Public School

Tulsipur, Balrampur, UP

Starwards Public School is an English-medium, Government-recognized school in Tulsipur, Balrampur district, Uttar Pradesh. Here elementary Urdu is also being taught as optional subject. Children and youngsters of Indian nation are heartily felicitated and welcomed for their admission in their required standard. This institution was founded in July 1999. By Sri Vinod Singh Kalhans, the reserved Manager, renowned journalist, social worker, a well qualified and experienced personality. It reflects with the objectives to make literate the common people in general. In particular, it is meant to infuse in all students a sense of loyalty, patriotism, individual and corporate responsibility for leading a purposeful life as honest and useful citizen of India.
Starwards Public School was established in the year 1999 and since then, it is associated with excellence in quality of education and overall monitoring of its students. It was started of as a small school, catering to the needs of population living nearby and with the aim of providing overall development and to make them true citizens of the India. The school operates under the supervision of the Central Government and is owned by a trust that has members from a broad spectrum of areas but a common goal of making education worthwhile.


The campus has all facilities to support student life. With a natural stream flowing through the campus, it has a very serene, peaceful environment. The school has a well-stocked Learning Resource Centre (library) as well as a Digital Resource Centre.

1- Spacious classrooms with proper ventilation
2- Science laboratories with top-of-the-line apparatus
3- Computer laboratory
4- Herbal Garden
5- Meteorological laboratory
6- Science Park
7- Library


Children are admitted at the minimum age of three years. Admissions are made on the basis of interview/test.

Educational Tour:-

The school organizes various tours at the place of Historical Scientific and Religions importance.


Activities that students engage in include horticulture, art and craft, astronomy, chess, creative writing and editorial, public

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