Zel 🌟

Student in Antarctica

Zel 🌟

Student in Antarctica

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Hello everyone!

Before you follow, here's what you need to know.

{ ❉ I do have kins, so please do not follow if you are against that.

❉ My mains are Sonia Nevermind(DR2), Princess Bubblegum(AT), Amethyst(SU), and Rapunzel(Tangled).

❉ These 4 character are extremely important to me and I relate to them in every way, so please do not follow if you will not see me/tag me as my kins. }

❉ I am mentally ill so please be gentle with me!

❉ I'm a minor, so I just thought I'd list this since some people do want to be aware of it.

❉ On my account you will probably find plenty of friend PDA. I have lots of love for my favorite people and tend to post about them often.

❉ I'm shy, so if I want to speak with you often times I will be too scared! Please message me if you'd like to be friends, I promise it will mean a lot to me.

❉ I am a hoe for compliments so anything nice in my thiscrush is very sentimental for me!

❉ DO NOT FOLLOW if you are against shitposts and or offensive humor, as these are often on my page.

❉ THAT'S IT! If you read this, dm me a photo of a butterfly to be accepted. Thanks so much!