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Student in Antarctica

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Hello everyone!

Before you follow, here's what you need to know. Hopefully you will fight for me.

❉ Don't follow it you are racist/homophobic/any of the usual no-no's.

❉ Don't follow if you are against shitposts and or offensive humor, as these are sometimes on my page.


❉ DO follow if we share interests or canons, and/or if you'll interact with me.

{ ❉ I do have kins, so please do not follow if you are against that. If you think you could be from my canon for anything please don't hesitate to message !!! I am still looking for my canon mates for most of these.

❉ ID's:

- Sonia Nevermind (DR2)

- Amethyst (SU)

- Rapunzel (Tangled)


- Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

- Princess Bubblegum (AT)

- Historia Reiss (SNK)

- Star Butterfly (SVTFOE)

- Lexie Grey (Greys)


- Glinda (Wicked)

❉ I have one LOVELY qpp. We haven't been in a qpp relationship for long but I am extremely connected and attached to her, and she means the world to me. If you ID with anyone on her list you're still welcome to follow but please know that I will only tag her and I see her as those people 100%, and I don't want to invalidate anybody. Her BYF can be found here:

❉ My interests: Makeup, space, the ocean&marine life, cartoons, witchcraft, horror, Little Mix, musical theater, Disney, Halloween, bees&butterflies, birds, and bohemian fashion.

❉ Please do not follow if you will not see me/tag me as my kins. I am comfortable enough in my identity for doubles in my kins, but no ID's please. Know that I most likely will not double tag, I'm sorry!! You're all valid<3 }

❉ I am mentally ill so please be gentle with me! I suffer with clinical depression, anxiety, ADD, and paranoia.

❉ I tend to get sad a lot, and usually I'll use my account on Vent(which you may DM me for if you'd like), but if you see me posting about it I've hit a low and any help or advice would mean more than you know.

❉ I'm a minor, so I just thought I'd list this since some people do want to be aware of it.

❉ I am literally always looking for friends. Talk to me !!

❉ To follow up with the point above, I'm shy, so if I want to speak with you often times I will be too scared! Please messa