Stass Panagakos

Toronto, Canada

At Stass Panagakos and Associates, we've built an impressive track record serving clients to obtain the mortgages that fit their specific needs. While most mortgage professionals offer services that give you black and white answers to your requirements, our process follows a more personal approach. We realize that life is in no way black and white, there are gray areas that offer different options filled with possibilities.
In addition, every client or colleague quickly becomes an extension of our family, and we will stop at nothing to help you realize your mortgage goals. Our representatives are friendly and knowledgeable, and because we consider you to be more than just a number, your objectives quickly become ours. With every successful approval, a bond is built that often prompts our clients and colleagues to sing our praises to their friends and family. We not only offer the comfort of a worry free, no-nonsense approach to securing your mortgage, you will feel fully satisfied because of how personal we make a transaction that usually holds the distinction of being cold and calculated.
All in all, it can be summered up with 3 words... "OUTSIDE THE BOX". With methods that focus on the person rather than the money, our process can sometimes be described as unconventional. Even so, sometimes it takes someone brave enough to look at the issues from a different vantage point and employing this same method - one that seems so simple, we've been able to form an outstanding record of success, unrivaled by the best of the best in the industry!