Stasya Batova


Hello! My name is Stasya. Although I am originally from Russia today I live in one of the most charming places in Spain called Costa del Sol in Marbella. I have a passion for outdoor adventures, photography, sports and of course the arts. I have Master degree in Rhythmic Gymnastics and have earned many awards in sport dance competitions. All my life I was an avid sports lover. I play tennis, adore surfing and have been lucky enough in life to experience yachting, hiking, driving, cycling and snowboarding. Recently I got to experience the extreme activity of parachute jumping, which happened only a few years ago in Russia. Wow, that was exciting! But while sports are my passion my interests are not limited only to these activities. I am a very devoted photographer and have an interesting photo library. While learning photography I fell in love with art and attended painting classes. My paintings are private and unique to me. They are a self-expression of my emotions. My mind is always open to self-development. I truly believe we should live our life to its fullest. I like to see exotic places to gain a broad view of life and a whole new perspective. I am lucky in that I have toured on the Amazon River and aboard a private yacht around the Caribbean Islands. I have challenged myself in the Namibia desert during a safari and more than a few times went skiing in Laplandia. I have made a cycling tour of the Spanish Coast through Costa del Sol. At the moment I am interested in finding a career where I can put these experiences to good use and further achieve my life plan of being an active explorer.