State 415

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Greetings to all players in State 415

Starting next week, we will have a State President

SNAP1829 will be State 415 President

He is the most powerful player in the state, he is an excellent player, and he has a great character strenght and high honor values...

He already proved in many occasions he deserves to rule us, so we all should give him our support and respect

The President supporting team, that will also form the State Government, is a multi-alliance group comprised of : WAR alliance, State Minister Санёк 071 ; Blo alliance, State Minister Duftyr ; Tdb alliance, State Minister Turk&Tanky ; STw alliance, State Minister Amadeus_

Following this announcement we will introduce the new state laws, please follow and obey them...

Nothing develops team spirit as cooperative attack and defense!

But everything must be under control and within reasonable limits!

A: During a week without cross state battle

1: Hunting for resources is not only allowed, but incouraged

2: Can be attacked only isolated bases with resources, attacked for resources, not for kills

3: Alliance territory is sacred ground and bases that are inside their alliance territory must not be attacked

4: Gathering troops are not allowed to be attacked, attacking them is a sign of cowardness

B: Week with cross state battle

1: Every alliance and individual player must follow and furfill the cross battle daily tasks

2: On cross state battle gathering day no attacks are allowed, all troops must be used to gather resources

2: On cross state battle zombie kill day hunting is allowed only after you have no more stamina.( if asked, the player must provide a screenshot to prove his stamina is too low to kill zombies)

3: On the rest of the cross state days hunting for resources is allowed, following the hunting rules A1, A2, A3 and A4

4: All alliance leders or their representatives must provide a screenshot or photo of their alliance results in cross state battle within 5 hours after server reset time

The alliances that fail to provide the proof that they work for state bennefit or do not get at least the first alliance cross state reward chest can be attacked on their alliance territory in the following days

C: Single arms kill event days

1: Bases inside alliance territory can be attacked for resources and kills

It is up to the alliance leaders and team if they organise a defence or an attack strategy

2: Gathering troops are not allowed to be attacked, attacking them is a sign of cowardness

D: Wars between alliances

1: Wars