Statera Bellus

Editor, Art Director, and Software Engineer in Usak, Uşak Merkez/Uşak, Turkey

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Clean Beauty

Bellus exists to empower your skin health through a fresh, personalized experience - Founded by 2 crazy dreamers, an esthetician, chemist, aromatherapist, and herbalist we understand that skin problems are out of control and all time high. Due to all the water & synthetic filled products we are actually starving our skin, instead of feeding it (Malnourishment is the foundation of skin issues). So If you have ever suffered with skin issues, or felt insecure because of the way it made your skin look, you belong with us. We are not some fad or trend, we are lifestyle driven force that empowers its tribe to live a clean life, free of skin issues.

1 Manor Ave Pompton Plains NJ 07444