Richard The Blogger

Columbia, SC

Richard, the Editor-in chief and primary blog contributor was born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina. As the "Black Sheep" of a large Southern family, he knows the ins and outs of doing things his own way and living life by the rules that some are just too thick-headed to follow. After a stint in the Army, Richard returned to South Carolina to pursue his lifelong dream of being a restauranteur and food mogul. When that didn't pan out he turned tail and ran towards anything that would bring him excitement and fame. Richard got his fifteen minutes of fame by first being cast as "Stinger the Mascot" in the feel good movie RADIO. His short and anonymous career in acting continued with several commercials and extra rolls, though nothing worth mentioning. When his dream of acting fizzled, Richard settled into several lucrative Management and Development positions in the food service industry. In 2011 health issues forced him to abruptly retire from the hustle and bustle of the working world. These days, Richard resides in Northeast Columbia with his long-time Fiance and is a stay at home father to two children. He spends all of his free time as a novice web developer, blogger and think-tank idealist, banging out blog articles in his small office, vowing to never stop grinding until he is rich or dead.