Volunteer, freelancer, and Internet Installation in Poli Crysochous, Cyprus

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My name is Stavros but friends call me Stavris.....

I was born in Larnaca, many years ago, back in 1987, in the sunny island called Cyprus. The calendar showed 20, April.

On one and a half year after, we move to Limassol. Some months later, a new baby arrives at home. I finally had a brother to play with.

Some decades passed, carefree years of youth at school and at fields playing football all day long. Then at 19, I moved to the capital, Nicosia to study. Many new experiences. I graduated 5 years later with a degree in Public Relations & Advertising. From then I was trying to promote culture in Limassol by working to Cyprus Medical Museum. This gave me lots of experiences in my field as well to communicate with people much easier and to organise events.

From October 2016 I did a fresh start to my life when I moved from noisy Limassol to a small town at the north west of Cyprus, called Polis. Here in Polis I'm freelancing on my free time and when I have breaks I install some internet connections for a local provider.

I love sea and whatever is close to the sea.

I love rock music, Blues, Jazz and Swing music.

I play FIFA on PS3 and I'm watching gamers playing video games on Youtube and Twitch.

I follow technology news and watching lots on videos getting informed about what's new.

Coffee is my water.

I love food but especially seafood.

I adore dogs and animals in general.

Favourite activity: Gatherings with friends watching football and making BBQ.

  • Education
    • Communication studies
    • European University Cyprus