Stayfine Diet

The Stayfine Diet is a diet plan designed

by acroneticist Ronnie C. Wright as a plant-based diet

for a lifestyle to stay 'Fit.Intelligent.Natural.Energetic...'

with 'Food+Information+Nutrition+Exercise' and, coupled

with 'Fashion.Innovation.Networking.Entertainment.

The original purpose of the stayfine diet

was to personally help award-winning inventor,

Ronnie C. Wright, a five-sport letterman, in high school

increase his performance on and off the field.

Wright became the world's first acroneticist

by inventing the word-"DNA" technology known

as "Acronetics" with the purpose of employing it

to power his diet. It illuminates the deeper meaning

of the unit of language known as "the word."

The term "Stayfine Diet" is a trademark of Stayfine Corporation.

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