Martin J. MenACE

Redlands, Ca

Owner/ Founder, CEO OF $tay FLY e$t. - Apperal & Accessories, DESIGNS, GRAPHICS & IDEAS Flyest.All.Day.Established.Daily, Flyer then the rE$T.

I'm an Exclusive ITEMS Vendor who buys/ sells/ trade on/for retail Cloths, exclusive Shoes, Custom & exclusive Hats, GoodWood NYC Pendants, HUF PlantLife socks,N.W.OG (NIIICE WOOD ORGANIC$) $tayFLYe$t. Gear & Accessories, AS well many other items. Get in touch with me too Buy any items or too contact me for Vending at an event or even to have me carry your products or you carry mine. Very simple no complications any questions feel free to contact me either here Facebook, LinkediN, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. (lol) Thank you & remeber let the force guide you, and God bless personal

twitter & IG @StayFLYest



  • Work
    • $tayFLYest.
  • Education
    • iTT-Tech (Drafting & Design)